Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New US Ambassador to PNG takes office

By Louise Mary Kodor
DWU Journalism student

The new United States Ambassador to Papua New Guinea was commissioned yesterday in Port Moresby.

Ambassador North reviewing a Guard-of-Honor
Walter North was commissioned by the PNG Governor- General Sir Michael Ogio, officially becoming the 13th US Ambassador to PNG.

Ambassador North arrived in Papua New Guinea on November 18, following his September 20 confirmation by the US Senate and his swearing-in as Ambassador to PNG, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands on November 7.

Giving his speech inside the Government House, Mr North said he had been interested in PNG since his childhood and thanked the US President Barrack Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and the Senate of the United States for giving him such an important position.

He said economic growth was an ongoing challenge in a democratic country and hoped to work with the State for the country’s progress.

"After more than 225 years of independence, the people of the United States understand that achieving sustainable, inclusive, transparent economic growth in a democratic society is an ongoing challenge.

"In meeting that goal, both of our countries draw deeply on the strength that can come from diversity and by tapping into the talents of all of our citizens. The United States wants to play a constructive role in partnering with you to accelerate Papua New Guinea’s progress," he said.

He said that it was a great opportunity and looked forward to work with the PNG Government. Mr North’s term goes for two years.

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