Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Abu Nawas' Whispering Gallery

By Abu Nawas

What a coincidence it is. I mean when Charlie and his second wife Camilla baby come, they will, off course be met by Lady Ogio baby and her second husband the Governor General. I mean, isnt that something.

What a coincidence, huh?, all four of them been married before, its their second time around.

Then they will go and visit Waigani, where they will be met by some mysoginy people, the mysiginy are the same people who refuse to vote for the Womens Bill and allow women to enter the Parliament on FOC basis, all this mysoginy people will be there too with their first wives. Most of them have second wives too, but sadly the second wives will play second fiddle and stay way for time being being. Ooooh I so excited.

Later on the Minister for VIP's Mr. Happy Gardener will take them 14 mile, where he build the fish pond and the nursery just outside Port Moresby, whilst he was not yet a member of Parliament. At that place he will name a rare Orchid, an indigenous species only found in PNG, after Charlie's second wife, for no apparent reason. OOOooooh I am so excited, the suspense is killing and I am dying to know what it will called. I hope its not something like "Camilla my baby" or Camilla wrinkles face babe or something atrcious like I cannot even pronounce it.

I can really imagine Port Moresby street will be decorated with a sea of Red Black and Gold on one side, and the Blue and White Union Jack on the other side. Boy oh, boy, thats going to be some party. Mr. Happy Gardener, the Minister for VIP's will decorate the totel poles from Erima Roundabout to Foodworld roundabout and tie them the totem poles with penis gourds and paint them tip red. Every where there will be pictures of Charlie and Cammy smiling. Port Moresby will litered with pictures and those pictures will be so popular like ponograph material. Bastards. I am so excited, I am willing to wet my pants..
At the Foodworld roundabout Powes Parkop's pictures will be removed and instead there will be a big welcome sign that says, Welcome Charlie, Welcome Cammy to the land of the Cannibals, the exotic beauty of the land of the unexpected thirsty traveller, and with an arrow pointing to the SP Brewery beer factory....ooooooh boy I am so excited.

First night dinner will be Sepik food. Nangu, and Dried and smoked Talapia in coconut milk. Breafast, it more sago, Kerema style in Poi mixed with ripe banana, and Isidou from Daru, thats sago and turtle meat mixed together. Lunch is Highlands mumu, kaukau, gris pig, and dinner is Aigir from Rabaul....I will have the camera ready to record the facial expressions and their comments for eating something they are not accustom to eating...Oh by, what a story.

At long last, I will be waiting eagerly and patiently for the highlight of their trip. A visit to the Mauswara Centre of the world, the famous HLM (Hohola Lareva Market. It will bemy previledge to show both Charlie boy and his missus Cammy, the pleasures of chewing buai. A sample of the homeground Marijuana. I will have the pleasure to tell him, the the home ground ganja is better than the West Indian version of which his son, the wild who is still single told him about. Charlie son off course has a history of having wild parties, running around naked and smoking ganja. Cahrlie wont feel out pf place if I showed.   oooooh boy...

Ok, one last thing. On the way to the Airport before they depart. We will take them to 4 mile Big Rooster, stop the motorcade, get them oout and walk to the front of the Bid Rooster and show them the fail Casino Hotel next door across the road stand naked in its structure. We will get the Mr. Happy Gardener to give and impromptu speech that we tried to rplicate the Buckingham Palace but we ran out of money, so can they give K6 Billion just to finish the building and its surrounding roads. We really dont want to take the money from the Chinese. Its better Charlies' mummy agrees to gives us.

What a complete waste of time. What a complete waste of money. This royal visit dont make sense and should be cancelled because not one Papua New Guinean person will benefit from it. Its bad idea to start with, but Mr. Happy Gardener is looking forward to it, becasue afterwards he siddled up to Sir Fred Reiher and arse kiss him to change his name to Sir Fruity Loopy.

Abu Nawas whispers

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