Friday, 19 October 2012

Goroka School goes online with internet library

Having access to quality education is one of the main drivers for nation building and with that in focus Telikom Foundation Inc. (TFI) continues to maintain its commitment to add value to schools through its CleanIT solution.

Goroka Secondary School in the Eastern Highlands Province is the second recipient in the region of TFI’s CleanIT program after Mt. Hagen Secondary School got hooked up to the website two weeks ago.

Goroka Secondary School Grade 11 student, Fhapave Hamen
surfs through the CleanIT website
The CleanIT website which provides internet access to only educational websites such as Wikipedia and Britannica and others was installed at the school’s computer lab and administration block last Friday via Telikom PNG’s VLAN link.

Deputy Principal - Administration, John Onga in commending TFI’s assistance said the CleanIT solution had been an agenda for the school for the past two (2) years and the realization of the CleanIT connection was an achievement for the school.

“This internet online library will now take the burden off students and teachers going to libraries outside of the school premises to do research and also the buying of text books which are very costly for schools. With access to the CleanIT internet library, the students will now have access to world class online educational material. ” Onga said.

He also added that Goroka Secondary School was the second largest school in the region with more than 1500 students from all over the country and TFI was not only adding value to students of the Eastern Highlands province but the was helping children from all parts of the country.

CEO for Telikom Foundation Brian Sam said the Foundation’s aim is to give hope and transform the lives of the children in Papua New Guinea.

The Foundation will work in partnership with schools that have the facilities to enable online learning and teaching materials for students and teachers.

“The advantage of using ‘clean internet’ solution is that students are allowed to only access educational websites only. Other social media or internet websites are restricted.” Sam said.

On top of the installation of the CleanIT website, K1000 worth of prepaid credits were uploaded on the school’s account and a printer and other items were also donated to the

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  1. i am very thankful to you for sharing this information because i was very worried to open twitter at my school and during research i found i can open blocked social networking site even it is blocked.. i just click and wow Access Wikipedia at school