Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Businessman thanks uncles with big payout

By Mal Taime

A prominent leader from Mt Hagen Central in the Western Highlands Province has taken the initiative to recognize his maternal uncles from the Moge Nambuka tribe by giving them a substantial amount of money and a number of live pigs.

Businessman and Moge Okupka tribesman, King Dee surprised them by presenting cash totaling K63,500 (US$ 31,000) along with 32 pigs as a token of appreciation for assistance given in past years.
Mr Dee said that it was customary for men from his area to pay homage to their maternal uncles after the passing of their mothers.

He said he had chosen to undertake this customary obligation while his mother is still alive so that she could be a witness to the ceremony.

“Our traditional custom is different because when our mothers are dead we give something to their relatives but this is not good and I took the initiative to turn the other way around to give these small things to my uncles when my mother is still alive because when she dies she will not see what I will do,” Mr Dee said.
Mr Dee said the presentation was done on behalf of his sisters, their children and grandchildren. He acknowledged those that contributed to the occasion, especially his sisters Fiona and Vero and their husbands, John Hornicka and Labi Amaiu respectively.
“I am doing everything from my heart and not (out of) pride,” Mr Dee said.
The ceremony was held at his village last Saturday.

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