Friday, 19 October 2012

Well done - UOG management

Commentary by Jack Atte Kapa

I AM happy to say that since 2012 was declared the year of transformation for the University of Goroka, the transition part of it, as we see it today, evolved from the hard work of UOG has grown in leaps and bounds.
Yet no matter how reflective we feel about ourselves as a higher learning institution in the highlands of PNG, we now can see the colour, the fruit of the transformation.
It does not matter where the top management team live or work or how abundant the resources are, they were committed and responsible for the environment around us.
University of Goroka's Dr Mark Solon Auditorium
These great leaders with little they knew then, had a vision for the students and the country.
They had some still big hearts for this country and more specifically the up and coming workforce and leaders of tomorrow.
Their decisions were made by their heart’s desire to direct this university for a better future and for their people to prosper.
Over these years, you have shaped UOG through sound policies of your successful achievement we see today.
For me it was the most exciting and enriching years of my life to have come to this University to study.
There are things that stand out clearly and vividly in my mind in studying and I hope we all have a bright future ahead of us.
I think this is some kind of record and hope other universities and learning institutions will take time to study UOG’s policy and take a similar approach. Quality education requires us all to work together and share resources.
The Government, business houses and providers of education - and end users - have to make the commitment to ensure this institution of learning is well-resourced because such governments will see this as an investment in our present and future generations.
We are fortunate to have a government who is very committed in investing in the education of this country because PNG’s future depends on the wellbeing of its citizens.

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