Wednesday, 14 November 2012

10 couples wed in Lae AOG Church

By Rosewitta Gewa
DWU journalism student
Our nation needs a firm family foundation in the church as well as in the community for our children to grow up in.
Assemby of God (AOG) Pastor Anthony Donigi said this during a mass wedding of 10 couples at AOG church in Eriku last Saturday.
“There are lot of family break ups today because of adultery where their children turn to illegal acitivities such consuming of illicit drugs because there is no discipline,’’ he said.
“We have brought couples who have already married whether customarily or in the civil registry again to receive a church blessing to strengthen their marriage, as a church.’’
Pr Donigi said when couples were married before God with proper declaration marriage of vows and exchange rings in church, their marriage was dedicated to God and recognised by their families and communities and it knitted and protected the family.
Pr Donigi was also the wedding celebrant for the 10 couples. He said it was a first time AOG church had conducted a mass church wedding.
“This is the first time the church had conducted such a mass wedding for couples who have already been married,’’ he said.
“I must encourage other churches throughout the country to do the same as well.
“We need to protect our church members’ faith in the Lord and when we do this they will bring their families to God and he will bless them.’’
AOG senior church pastor Josiah Mari and his wife Rachael were amongst the 10 couple’s receiving the blessing on Saturday.

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