Monday, 19 November 2012

Today's Drum

Pensacola dessert

Traveler relaxed with a full PNG style dinner at a famous hotel in Port Moresby. He asked the waitress for a Pensacola Dessert and waited for almost an hour until a can of cola came. The traveler had the drink and explained in simple terms what he wanted, and he got it. When he walked out to pay the bills he realised the Pensacola was not on the list but he was paying for a pinacolada which he never had. He asked for one thing and paid for three items! Only in PNG?

MP’s program; entertainment?

Who is the MP responsible for parking in the middle of Douglas St on Friday night-completely off the weather and screaming “F” words to the hardworking security guards to come and park his car properly so he could enter a popular nightclub in town in time for the night’s happy hour bash? Perhaps the MP should also explain to the people that voted for him that he too has in his electoral programs entertainment sector where such acts occur or is there?

Rest in peace, allwood

Brian Maxwell Allwood, a former Patrol Officer and 1st Legislative Council of PNG who was a great man and instrumental in helping Papua New Guinea reach independence died suddenly at 77 years of age at home in the arms of his wife Doris in Australia last week. To his wife Doris, PNG sees and remembers his efforts in PNG. Rest in peace Allwood and P.ENGEE sends condolences to your family in Australia.

Pom major shops littering mad

DESPITE appeals in the past weeks for everyone, including business houses in the city to co-operate and clean up, the appeal fell in deaf ears in parts of Boroko Shopping area. One could see overflowing rubbish beans in front of some of the major shops. People walking around have questioned whether the message is getting through to the educated people working in these shops and the offices in the area to do their bit. We think the clean-up campaign needs to continue until it becomes part of the city life.

Rubbish every where again

And Oh dear! P.ENGEE is devastated that the nation’s city has gone back to its “normalcy” – rubbish everywhere and betel nut stains galore! Can the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall come back to PNG so the city will be spot clean? Or can the authorities advise which other very, very, very important person is coming soon so the city will be clean again?

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