Friday, 9 November 2012

Today's Drum

THANKS to Blue Men
Yesterday at Gerehu, the Blue Men were on foot patrol. At the main bus-stop, they met a drunkard from Tari. But to our surpise the drunkard was disciplined very well. He dranked his beer in one gulp and did 10 push up and sit ups and was sent home. The Blue Men didn’t beat him up like some of their fellow work men. It’s good to discipline people verbally then physically. Thanks to the Blue Men.

Boubou at big village

THE United Church’s urban region circuit will be travelling all paths to the “Big Village” of Hanuabada when they celebrate their annual boubou this Sunday at the Poreporena United Church. Already all groups are ready to make a big sing along and dance when they go up to give their tithes and offerings for God’s work for the church. It will be a day full of colour from church service to the actual Boubou. It will be something to behold and activity worth witnessing.

DIGICEL gave K50 credits

THANK you so much Digicel for the K50 credits dished out to the volunteers who took part in the Royal Visit cleanathon last Friday from 1pm to 3pm. What was promised was K20 which many said was a windfall, but on Tuesday the telco posted K50 credits to the more than 3000 volunteers. The volunteers are asking … when is the next clean up. Thanks a lot Digicel you’ve done it again!


Could the real Peter Farapo stand up please? Former long serving banker and lay pastor Peter Farapo of Lese Oalai village in Gulf was surprised to see his name in the Logohu awards list recently. When he inquired with the Government House, he was told another Peter Farapo had turned up to claim the award!
Police Van at Crossing

THIS police vehicle did not stop at the Hohola Crossing in Port Moresby. The cop actually squeezed his way through the pedestrians as they were crossing.

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