Thursday, 15 November 2012

Today's Drum


Recently a villager from the Baimuru inland area was in POM for a personal business. Upon completion of his work, he was at Ela Beach for nothing other than cool air after walking around in the hot sunday of POM. He had K400 in his bag. The poor guy was alone and most likely behaved more like a first timer in POM, although he was not.
Two reservists approached him and searched his bag. This poor guy obeyed instantly as the two reservists said they were looking for marijuana and offensive weapons. The reservists opened the inner zipped up pocket of his carry bag and saw the cash.
Instantly they placed and then picked up a small knife that this Baimuru guy never carried around or had seen before. The reservists asked the poor guy to either go to POM police station and get locked up or he pays spot fine for carrying the knife around.
The poor guy said he could pay K50. only though the knife wasn’t his and he knew nothing about it. He told them the other lot of cash was for someone else from the village who asked him to buy a saucepan, an axe, and some canoe making tools. These reservist became so aggressive that the Baimuru guy said to give them K200. He was released instantly. Were they the same policemen reported on Monday?


We read recently about the Mendi MP, De Kewanu instituting investigations into the use of DSIP and other government grants. Not long after the announcement we hear a 4-wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser registered under Mendi-Munhiu District was driven in for service at Ela Motors, Badili. Is Mendi-Munhiu District in the NCDC or SHP; or has the vehicle been driven-shipped for Mendi-Munhiu district business in the capital city; that the vehicle require fixing after the long Mendi-POM journey. MP Kewanu’s administration can double-check.
During a night roadblock at Badili involving police from Badili a search was carried out on the passengers and their belongings were taken by police. After checking the driver for his licence and finding out that he did not have a current one, they then proceeded to harass the passengers.
After telling them to get out of the cab, they searched their bags and started taking stuff out of them. I was severely assaulted by two officers who told me not to question them. They were then told to go to the station to lay their complaints.
On the way to the station, one of my nieces who had by then lost her bag to these cops was then sexually fondled by one of the policeman. At the station I was questioned by one of them who asked for my details.
After about an hour in the lock-up, one of my nieces came in to the lock-up area and told me that the policemen would consider releasing me if I gave them some money. I was then duly released upon my handing over K100. I and the girls finally got home at 1am after leaving Boroko at 8pm and running into this “armed hold-up” posing as a roadblock.

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