Tuesday, 27 November 2012

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Shed light, please!

Can the Government or someone shed some light on whether the Governor-General’s Office has the power and mandate to put out a public tender for the refurbishment of the Governor-General’s main administration office? There have been numerous adverts running in the dailies from the GG’s office. Shouldn’t the Central Supply and Tenders board take charge of that? We are not saying it’s wrong, we are not questioning the powers of the Government House but it just looks weird that such a tender should be done that way. Someone explain.

What was he thinking?
P. ENGEE - thedrum@spp.com.pg
A family of three sets out to a shop at China town over the weekend for a feed. Father picks up an item that his son desperately needs for his school Christmas choir and asks the Chinese man if there more of those items. “Any more you have in stock?” father asks. The Chinese shop owner looks angrily at him as he repeats his question: “you have more of this bro?” The shop owner calls in a Police friend to his surprise who comes in to say to the father — “you will be arrested if you don’t leave now! Sure enough, they were going to take the family to Boroko police station but after a good 25-30 minutes argument things were resolved — pays to understand English! What was the man thinking?


Talking about Chinese shops, just down town Kone shops an old Simbu mother, doesn’t really speak pidgin and no knowledge of English – but very smart in selling buai at the roadside. She pops into one of the Chinese shops with a K50 note a few boys gave her to pay for betelnut and smoke the previous night. Chinese man sees that the K50 note is fake, and immediately calls for police to come over and arrest the poor mother. Missy mama Simbu as she is known knew exactly what to do – even before the police arrived, she took to the paper down the road to lay her complaint. To date she has not retrieved her K50.

Embarrassing ordeal!

Netball medal presentation saw a mix up of the medals today. Instead of giving bronze to Morobe, they were presented with gold medals though they are the bronze medalists for this year. Netball champions for this year NCD were given the bronze medals. The players realized the mistake and had to exchange after the presentation. Come on, organizers, make sure you give the right medals to each team to save you some embarrassment.

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