Friday, 2 November 2012

Today's Drum

No tresspassing please
Quick geography lesson for the Member for Moresby NW? Speaking recently, he claimed his electorate included some of PNG’s major developments such as the LNG plant site. Isn’t that located near Boera? And the last time we checked, that’s part of Hiri electorate in Central Province?

Great support for the PM’s Golf in Fiji from the private sector. But whose money were teams such as Eda Ranu, Pacific Balanced Fund, Team PNGDF, Team MVIL and Team Finance spending? We would assume public money and that is quite questionable. The chaps from Finance would raise a few eyebrows in the department as a few of them are currently under the microscope. And while we are at it, what happened to that fabulous solid gold trophy they used to play for? Hope someone hasn’t lost it or melted it down?

Driving dilemma
WE HEAR that those learn drivers who take their lessons at the OTC grounds near the Sione Kami Memorial Church are kept under close watch. Recently rogue police have approached these learn drivers, especially the women and have demanded and collected money from them. Can Tom Kulunga tell is whether this is legal or not?

Peasant kids faint for royals
CHILDREN participating in the ceremonies to welcome the Royal couple need to be taken care of. Several of them had fainted or had to be taken off the field during the rehearsals at Sir John Guise Stadium on Tuesday.
Students of high school in POM who took part during the royal visit for Independence Day in 1975, reminisce of how they were taken care of so well - there were no hungry students back then. Come on, let’s take care of our children who are doing their best to make us proud. To NCDC and the relevant authorities.
do something?

What’s with the new FM tune
CONGRATULATIONS to our latest FM Station - Hot FM which launched last week. It goes to show that there is indeed a thriving market for this new communication trend.

Well if you thought that was the end of that, you are mistaken. We hear there is another FM Station that will be launched soon. We also hear it will be another motuan station that is going to cater specifically for the Motu Koitabuans. Tune in to this column for more information.
Inai be Dahaka - Motu Gadona.

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