Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Juha women get started in business

By Nellie Setepano

JUHA WOMEN have decided to capture the lucrative LNG project and participate in the spin off benefits.

Promoting ordinary people, women in particular and empowering them through entrepreneurship and small business opportunities, Juha women Company Limited took a step further yesterday to present their strategic business plan to the government and various stakeholders.

A very emotional chairlady for Phembi Juha Women Company Ltd, Evelyne Wabi said for too long women from this remote part of Papua New Guinea have been left out in the dark over developments surrounding the LNG project.

She said even for the last 20-30 years people in Juha have been neglected.

Juha lies on the border between the Western Province and the new Hela Province and those affected by much needed services are mostly women and children.

Mrs Wabi and the company director Maklina Ron are in Port Moresby to meet with business consultants to further discuss the company’s plans.

As resource owners from PDL 9 that captures blocks 1565, 1566, 1637, 1638, 1639, and 1710, women leaders have decided to form an organisation that would take women’s interests forward at the same time benefit from the project.

It is not an easy task for women as they were given insights to the five year business plan at the Ela Beach Hotel yesterday.
The company presented its business development plan to the government and various stakeholders.
The business development plan 2012-2016 was handed over after a power point presentation promoting the company.

Whilst giving insights to the business plan, consultants Don Tore and Eddie Yuwi shared some of the government’s policy guidelines and directives with regard to women in business.
Former politician and Ambassador, Matiabe Yuwi at the presentation, encouraged the company stating it borders on equality and promotes women’s economic empowerment.

National Alliance president Walter Schnaubelt was also present to witness the presentation and give words of encouragement.

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