Monday, 5 November 2012

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They don’t know PNG
Papua New Guinea has been widely reported by all international media organisations and journalists as “a desperately poor Pacific nation”. These journos need to know PNG is rich in culture, minerals, food – we are not desperate – and oh yeah we are not in the Dark Ages – we also have some of the same technology as you do! Please learn about PNG….

Our turf, their story
AND while on that, one foreign journo asked a bystander where in PNG people practiced cannibalism! Local journalists almost told him cannibalism would have been practiced at the stadium. One scribe said it was pleasing to see beautiful international journos given red carpet treatment while local journos were left out – hello! Just trying luck, the local journo says!

Foreign Media
Port Moresby city residents that braved the heat to attend the church service at John Guise Stadium thought the foreign media were too much with some even calling out to them to give room to the Royal couple, especially when the photographers came too close, and prevented the couple from enjoying the performances put on display for them. One could hear people calling out to ‘paparrazis’ to keep away.
And even commented that the local media beat the foreign media when it came to showing respect to people of the royal line.

Out on a limb - in desert gear
A colleague — Andrew Alphonse when he touched down at the Jackson’s airport from Tari -— noticed these colourful guards . . .and says: “. . .what are these Afghanistan soldiers doing here in PNG . . . And I bet you they are full of surprises these coloured guards’’.


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