Friday, 16 November 2012

NCDC Shuts Down 3 Kaibars

The National Capital District Commission’s Health Division is increasing its vigilance in monitoring fast food outlets in the city that do not practice proper hygiene in food preparation and service.

This was revealed by NCDC Health Officers yesterday as they carried out a blitz on unscrupulous operators, catching owners of three outlets unawares.
The three outlets include the King Kakaruk and Joe’s Kitchen in Boroko, and Kiosk House Food located along the Ela Beach, were closed for an indefinite period for failing to comply with the Public Health Act and the Food Sanitation Act 2007.
The two fast food outlets in Boroko were condemned for having poor drainage systems within the premises, with their waste disposal drains being clogged with excessive grease. This caused waste to flow back into the cooking areas of both outlets.

NCDC Health official Mathew Laba stated that the building occupied by the two outlets had previously housed a stationery shop and had not been properly redesigned for the purpose of a food preparation and serving outlet as required under Food Sanitation regulations.

Meanwhile the Ela Beach Kiosk House Food was closed after it was found to be infested with cockroaches. NCDC officers also found that the building was in a defective and run-down state.

All three outlets will remain closed until proper repairs and maintenance are carried out to ensure that all necessary health, safety and hygiene regulations are followed.

The Commission has stated that it is prepared to take legal action against traders who do not comply with provisions of the Public Health Act.

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