Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Deadly Corner Almost Claims Another

The infamous “Dead Man’s Corner” situated along the Konedobu end of the Poreporena Highway almost claimed another life shortly after 10am this morning.

A fully laden Vanapa Resources Limited dump truck flipped and spilt its cargo of dirt and gravel as it was about to negotiate the tight turn in the road, fortunately without any loss of life.

The driver of the heavy dump truck was too shaken to be able to speak and was being comforted by members of the public who rushed to the scene within seconds of the accident.

I was also not able to determine with police personnel at the site the cause of the accident, however, witnesses at the site say a burst rear left tyre could have caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle as he was about to negotiate the tricky turn in the road.

Members of the public who were assisting the traumatized driver worked fervently to raise the owners and management of Vanapa Resources Ltd with information on the crash, as well as to call for an ambulance for the injured driver.

The infamous corner has been responsible for the loss of many lives through vehicle accidents since construction in 1996, with recent calls by city police and authorities for the regulating of traffic on this important road.

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