Friday, 2 November 2012

Boy with brain tumour needs treatment abroad

By Ramcy Wama 
A 12-year old boy from Imbonggu electorate in Southern Highlands province urgently needs brain tumour treatment overseas.

Brain tumor patient Abraham Paul
Abraham Paul, from Iombi village in Imbonggu District was born into this world hoping to have a future like everybody else. He did not know that this disease would ruin his future.
Little Abraham comes from a subsistence village family with no regular income, but this did not stop his parents from taking their child to Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) for treatment.
They did so with the little savings his parents made and cash contributions from his extended family and relatives, but the money has all been exhausted at hospitals in the quest for treatment.
“All our hopes are shattered as we are handicapped. We don’t have the money to take Little Abraham overseas,” his father Jim Dopo told the Post-Courier.
“We exhausted all our money in the hospitals, thinking that Abraham was suffering from a curable disease and that we could find a cure in hospitals in the PNG.
“Now that Abraham has been referred to seek treatment overseas, we are finding it difficult to meet the minimum cost of K50,000 to take treatment abroad,” he said.
Mr Dopo said the money they had was spent on paying hospital bills as Abraham was referred to Mendi General Hospital then to Mount Hagen while on TB treatment, and finally to PMGH where they have been referred abroad.
The family is now appealing for kind assistance from people and business houses so they can take their son overseas for further treatment.
Dr Kaptigau, a neurosurgeon at PMGH confirmed that Abraham has brain tumour and needs treatment abroad. Dr Kaptigau states in Abraham’s medical report that due to limited operating equipment at PMGH, the patient needs urgent treatment overseas at a minimum cost of K50, 000.
He said due to limitation of equipment in the country, Abraham has to go for treatment overseas but there is no guarantee of a cure.

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