Thursday, 8 November 2012

Today's Drum

Look! In the bush! The view!
When you gotta go you gotta go. And for many people in Port Moresby, with public toilets few and far between, that’s often in a public place . One notorious spot is the not so “lareva” market at Hohola where many dangers lurk in the long grass. Well maybe we can follow an example from Rajasthan in India where the problem of public urination and defecation is so bad they now have volunteers who blow whistles and beat drums when they spot an offender. We assume the noise is to detract them, not celebrate the deed, as it appears many who have toilets at home still prefer the open. A poo with a view beats reading a paper I guess?

Highway by the sea

Can we kiss goodbye to the city’s only recreational beach area, Era Kone? See NCD advertising contracts for a new Paga Hill road to connect Stanley Esplanade and Ela Beach. Is this the road suggested decades ago before the Freeway was built? Will we now have four lanes of traffic , including heavy goods vehicles, screaming down Ela Beach, metres from people trying to enjoy some fun on the beach? Should be an interesting exercise as several properties have already encroached on the road reserve.

HRH Prince Bond?

Have we demoted Prince Charles as heir to the throne? The Royal visit is over and overseas press have been kind to PNG and noted how happy and emotional Prince Charles was to be here. They also think we have a bit of a sense of humour (see picture). They ran a picture (assume it is genuine) of Charles and Camilla on the back of a ute with the number plate HRH 007. Now we know he is “nambawan pikini bilong Missus Kwin” so surely Mummy gets HRH 001 and he gets HRH 002?

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