Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Racism & Gay Rights in a "Forum of Liars"

Abu Nawas from the Whispering Gallery

Oh boy, I think my neighbour needs help. I think he has gone bananas, and I am extremely worried about him. Yesterday I overheard him tell a young University of PNG law student on social media, that he was a Rugby Union Coach that wears a beard like Osama Bin Laden, burly and built like Arnold Swazernegger, looks like Brad Piitt, talks like Morgan Freeman, thinks like Albert Einstein and runs like Sonny Bill Williams with a rugby ball.That guy needs help, seriously.
Prominent rugby coach and social commentator
Frank A Makanuey

He needs to be taken to Laloki Hospital, where he should be admitted for some serious checkup. They need to put his head under a Scanner and scan his head for some crossed wires, or some ruptured veins that burst the bubble and his mental real estate is having a melt down. I think they need to give him some very strong drugs so he can start to think clearly again. I think he suffers multiple personality disorder of some sort or something of that nature anyway.

Last week he was telling me that some Government Minister told him to"be very careful". Be very careful about what. I dont even know if he knows any Government Ministers. I have not seen him anywhere near the Parliament House. He did not make any sense to me and he sounded really mental. Early this week he told me that the Governor of NCD told had chastised him for for dwelling to much in the "forum of liars" . What the hell is a forum of liars, when all he has been doing is just making Sharp Talk.

This morning, I saw him out of his house wearing a bright blue long sleeved shirt. I asked whats with the blue shirt. He said he was promoting a "racism free day". I looked at him long and hard, my mouth open, my jaw jammed, and my tongue came out wagging like a horny dogs on a heat, trying to form the next line out of my mouth...."what the hell are talking about. What is a racism free day?"...but I just stop short, frozen like an iceberg, just before I could produce any vocals to say something....I instantly recall, that my favourite neigbour is probably has gone bananas, you know like mental.

He must have noticed my worried and confused look, so in a clarified, pure as water silky voice he said. There is a lot of Sharp Talk coming from the Governor of Oro, that he has been accused of being a racist. Remnants of the colonial era did not like the way Governor of Oro's constant reference of the "colonial era" people and they have retalliated by branding him a racist, and even called him the "Pauline Hanson" of PNG. Pauline Hanson of PNG, thats a bit stiff, dont you think, well I think so.

Racism is the scourge of society. Racism in the not too distant past has resulted in killings, mass killings, torture, and genocide. Racism is therefore not very nice. For it rear its ugly head in the midst of the slow, time is of no consequence, Melanesian society, like ours is tragic.

I grew up in an era where I face some aspects of the racism during the 70's. You know I remember being arrested by four burly and tall white Australian Policemen driving around in a Holden Kingswood, just because I was taking a short from the Bisini Soccer grounds, through the AFL grounds, to Angau Drive, trying to get to the POM Gen so I could catch the BTT PMV to Hohola.

If you dont know what BTT PMV stands for, it means, Buang Taxi Truck PMV. In those it was the Buang people from Morobe Province, majority of them work as houseboi's for the whiteman, and they collected their wages and bought Isuzu Trucks and converted them into PMV's.

Angau Drive was a white only area, and if any natives were seen around there, they were arrested and escorted out of the area. Well I was arrested, not charged, but sworn at, ridiculed, and escorted out of the area. I was told that if they caught me ever again, I was going straight to boystown in Wewak.

I did not like the way I was treated by the four burly Australian policemen, and I vowed to resent any person advocating racism, more so in my old age. I suddenly looked at my neighbour and said I like the idea. Lets promote a "Racism Free Day". There is no such thing in the world today. So lets start it. You know, there is fathers day, mothers day, Worlds Aids day, and all kinds days, so lets start one. A "Racism Free Day".

It seems racism still exist, despite worldwide condemnation of it. Its been practise on English Soccer Fields, by Australian Cricketers, and in the cricket games played in India. Its been in Australian Political scene with Pauline Hanson. With Paulline Hanson, you should know it, just don't ask me to "pleae explain". I don't have the time.

So racism, I speak of is the problem between white people and black people. White people think they are superior and black people are not. Lo and behold a Papuan New Guinean has been branded as a racist. But there is all kinds of racism and all forms of it. Racism does exist between black people themselves, especially in PNG. Its called regionalism. Racism exist between sexes, sexual preferences, such as gay/lesbian people and straight people.

Okay thats another subject which I dont have to the time to think about, but I am sure if my neighbour thinks that he has a beard like Osama Bin Laden, Built like Arnold Swazernneger, speaks like Morgan Freeman, looks like Brad Pitt, thinks like Albert Einstein, and runs like Sonny Bill Williams with a rugby ball, then I will be a monkeys uncle, and all the gay lesbian people should have their heads examined and institutionalised for having mental problems.

Too much bullshit, in a forum of liars, I am the best mauswara ther is available straight from the Hohola Lareva Market institution....... Peace.

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