Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Today's Drum

KIDS got a snax biscuit
WHO was responsible for the welfare of the children that took part at the Sir John Guise Stadium on Sunday for the Royal couple. What a superb performance and yet all they got for that was a packet of biscuit and a choice of a bottle of water or a can of drink.

They were given a ticket for lunch and when they were given this, many were so hurt and disappointed they squeezed the tickets and threw them away or if they got the biscuits they did not want to eat them.
This is because they had been promised by their schools that they were going to be provided lunch by a hotel. Also, during the rehearsals there was no lunch provided so what happened to the money given for this purpose by the Government. Isn’t O’Neill-Dion Government out to rid corruption which includes misuse of funds.

Both parents and teachers are asking for some explanation, especially when the children had worked so hard, some had fainted during the rehearsals last week and even on the day itself due to either the heat or not having something to eat. There are now parents and even teachers saying they do not want the children to participate in such events again.

City Resident did well
PORT Moresby city residents did well, especially those who turned up to bade the Royal couple welcome at various meeting places. Those who witnessed the church service at Sir John Guise Stadium braved the scorching sun and put on their best behaviour. Congratulations!

Get Tokarara street fixed
Gaibodubu St in Tokarara, Port Moresby, going past Tokarara clinic has not seen a backhoe or a ‘grader’ for years.
This is a main street but has big gaping potholes, not having been maintained for years although other roads in the same area have been upgraded and tarred. Can local MP for the area do something? The mums in labour and others using the clinic and other people will really appreciate it.
Keep the campaign on
DESPITE appeals in the past weeks for everyone, including business houses in the city to co-operate and clean up, the appeal fell in deaf ears in parts of Boroko Shopping area. One could see overflowing rubbish beans infront of some of the major shops.
People walking around have questioned whether the message is getting through to the educated people working in these shops and the offices in the area to do their bit.
We think the clean-up campaign needs to continue until it becomes part of the city life.


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