Tuesday, 13 November 2012

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AS you struggle to get to work through the increasing traffic, who really believes our Stats Office saying that there are just over 318,000 people living in NCD . Why don’t we outsource the job to someone like Statistics New Zealand — they have just released the figure that there are 4,444,444 Kiwis. Many feel this is not enough and they need to increase that to around 10 million. Now that is one thing PNG leads the world in-making babies. It has been suggested that increasing the population by 2.5% for 33 years with migrants would get them there. Obviously the Ozzies don’t want us — except for the big shots spending ill-gotten money — so how about it? Land of Long White Cloud, here we come?

COPS Act LIKE criminals

THE behaviour of the reserve police attached to the Port Moresby Police station has raised plenty of negative comments in the past. They seem to be always looking for a way to make a quid. Their latest ploy is to hold innocent people at Ela Beach and search their phones for pornography. Is this legal? Don’t they at least need reasonable cause to search someone and their property? Of course, we know it is just standover to extort some cash. Please Police Commander, haul these cowboys in and read them the riot act or better still get rid of them altogether. We have had enough of them, they are not capable to show in that uniform. We applauded the Minister when he promised us more foot patrols but this is not what we want or need . Enough is enough!

US senate full of women

ONE interesting fact from the recent US election is that the newly-elected President Barrack Obama has a Senate full of Women!
America has elected the most number of women ever for its new Senate. Twenty women will join the 100-seat chamber including Elizabeth Warren, the first woman senator to represent Massachusetts; Mazie Hirono, the first female senator from Hawaii and the first Asian-American woman in the Senate; and Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay senator. In a population of over 300 million, maybe our three PNG women in Parliament is not so bad looking at the ratio.

Child go green ADVOCATE

A DAUGHTER aged five is a great advocate of Go Green everywhere she travels with her family. In the car when someone throws rubbish out of the window, she would scream ontop of her lungs GOOO GREEEN…meaning do not throw the rubbish… During one of our evening devotion, her mother shared the story on Noah and the great flood and after listening very attentively, she interupts ...”Mummy, that’s why BSP too is cleanning up the world filled with plenty rubbish everywhere.’’

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