Thursday, 22 November 2012

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PLAYING THE public mind?

What’s happening? This week we have the PNG Games, the Budget hand down, the most important Pacific African Caribbean Pacific (PACP) meet and all of a sudden, the arrival of the Asylum seekers on Manus. Was this all planned for this week so that attention will focus on these big events and get people not bothered about the arrival of the asylum seekers? Someone is definitely smart!


By the way, 2013 Budget gurus, P.ENGEE has put out his economics thinking cap to ask “Why has deficit gone up by 2147 millions in budget. P.ENGEE can see increased allocation on Education K503 million, health K227 million, infrastructure K37 million, law and order K158 million. But this leaves deficit of K1220 million - where is this coming from? Someone explain.


Speaking of the Pacific African Caribbean Pacific (PACP) meet, Foreign Affairs officials “brushed the media out” rudely on Tuesday night at Jackson’s International Government unit while waiting for Franky the Fiji PM. Hello, we are only human and would appreciate a kind gesture – sorry you are not allowed in here – and not “media get out, you are not needed here.” Put it this way, Foreign Affairs, next time you need your reports in the paper, what if we tell you – “you are not needed here!” It works two ways.


And yesterday at the Royal Yacht, the same people definitely gave the media a run around. Confused because there was no pre-program issued, the media cramped the little reception space of the club with no proper instructions, as if this was not enough hassle – local scribes sat for five hours digging deep into their pockets collecting pennies to pay for anything that was edible — the international media were comfortably treated and seated with the team for a nice feed. It’s not the food that mattered, it’s the treatment, but it will be expected because that was the same during the Royal Visit.


Oh! And talking about PNG Power the other day, they have come back with lightning. They apologise that it was very unfortunate there was outage in Kokopo during the PNG Games, but they have blamed lightning strike on one of the lines between the Warangoi Hydro Power Station and Kokopo. East New Britain is well known for big lightning strikes and this time around, the lightning struck with a bang causing outage. PPL says they are always there to rectify problems on time though!

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